Why is such an extensive list of permissions required? For example sending emails on 'my' behalf, or having access to 'all files in google drive' etc?

** UPDATE JUNE 2024 **

The new version of stock profit has removed drive access. 

This means backups are not automatically available.

You will need to make a manual copy of the spreadsheet

File > Make a copy


Drive access is to allow the addon to make backups of the spreadsheet.

This is good for different reasons. EG you want to take a snapshot in time of your portfolio, or you wish to make a few different test runs of capital gain methods, or simply just a backup incase something stuffs up.

The automated weekly backup option will send you an email to notify you of the backup.

Also the addon needs drive access to read and write to your spreadsheet.

Apart from that it does not have further visibility.

We do not see who the users are, we do not see any data in the spreadsheet.